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We are on a mission to revolutionize backyard storage with stunning, customizable units. Explore our range of storage solutions, site offices, and home units.

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Guard Houses

Guarding at ease. Are you tired of painting, treating and renovating Wooden guard houses. We have the solution for you. Our Guard houses has a modern design which will create a good impression on first sight.

Storage Units

Backyard storage on a new level. This modular design can empty your overloaded garage or can become a washroom for your clothes creating more space in the house. It is solid steel and would last a lifetime.

Site Offices

Site office is a affordable yet
reliable site office with a stylish look and can be moved. The design can be modified to your needs.

Modular Home Unit

The Modular Home Unit solution is a cost effective way to build a new home or to expand a existing property. From the slick wood vinyl floor to a state-of-the-art design the module 6 site office will fit your every need. It is luxurious yet affordable and can be used for a lifetime.

Custom Units

Experience the ultimate in personalized living with our custom-built units, meticulously crafted to match your unique style and requirements.

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