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MR Dropbox - Out with old, in with the new

Extremely aesthetically pleasing modular storage unit


Mr Dropbox was born out of a collaboration of ideas between old friends, family and colleagues. The mission was to create a business with the aim of doing good for all involved. A seven week thinking scrum eventually resulted in Mr Dropbox as a business fulfilling the need of an extremely aesthetically pleasing modular storage unit that can be utilized in even the most plush surroundings.


Our main aim is to bring value, joy and fulfillment to all relevant stake holders. We are a few creative souls driving new business ideas. In this venture we strive to create a new concept of what backyard storage should look and feel like. Gone are the days of junk-like old wendy houses, making way for stylish, solid customizable dropbox units!

Our Mission

In The Office

Making your experience with Mr DropBox seamless is a massive team effort. We stand firm in our believe that there is no substitute for good relations built on mutual trust, not only between our workforce and shareholders but also between ourselves and each and every client we deal with. We see ourselves as a group of people driven with a passion to excel at what we do, creating products with pride and and in the process putting a smile on our clientele’s faces. We believe in honesty, accountability and trying to always do well in whatever we do.

In the Workshop

It is our mission the provide the most aesthetically pleasing, best quality product possible to the market. Every unit is built with the utmost care to detail. Just as we stand firm in our believe in relationships, we also stand firm in our believe that there is no substitute for a good design. Therefore it took us more than a year of designing, research on materials, the market and what we believe would be a perfect solution for today’s aesthetic driven marke

Our Commitment To You

Respect your time 

We understand your time is valuable. That is why we are always available to you– seven days a week, day or night.

Simplify your experience:

From ordering online, delivery and customization we offer all services under one roof.

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